Novatrox provides a suite of products and services around Microsoft PowerPoint management and related media files. Products range from the single user product Slide Executive xPoint to the web based enterprise product Slide Executive Professional.

Slide Executive xPoint

Slide Executive xPoint is what connects all of our products together. xPoint is a PowerPoint Add-in that integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint. Furthermore, the Desktop edition is actually an integrated part of xPoint while the latter also provides integration with PowerPoint for our Web based version.

Integrating with PowerPoint means we bring the full power and functionality of our web based enterprise products into Microsoft PowerPoint itself. Content managers can focus on building accurate presentations, slides and providing other related media files to the corporate library while the users can remain in their local environment, PowerPoint. Users can thus from their local Office environment pick the content they need for the next presentation.

Finally Slide Executive xPoint brings you the power of SlideFinder, the worlds largest PowerPoint search engine, into Microsoft PowerPoint for free. Whether you choose to purchase xPoint or not you will have the full search capability of SlideFinder inside your local version of PowerPoint.

How can we help?

If you are here you have probably figured out that there are a better ways of working with PowerPoint. Whether you are a single user or part of a team, the odds are high that you yourself or someone in your team has created slides that you could reuse.

This however, is only one of the benefits from using a Presentation Content Management System.

Single users

The single user will benefit from reusing existing content, being able to find and create content quickly as well as increasing their quality of work. Learn more

Multiple users

Multiple users obviously benefit from using a Presentation Content Management System for the same basic reasons as the single user does. In addition to that they benefit from the ability to share presentations, slides, images, logos, movies and much much more among them.

From a company wide perspective it gives it the ability to assign Content Managers that create, maintain and control the library and thus the content the users use. It also enables version control, access rights and quality control among other things. Learn more