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There is a tremendous waste of time going on in most companies dedicated to finding the needle (slide) in the haystack and re-inventing the wheel. Professionals are wasting expensive hours on re-doing work that has already been done. Not only does this cost time and money, the resulting presentations are not as good as they could be, resulting in loss of potential sales and extra work. The difference between a PowerPoint® presentation and other documents is that the presentation consists of small well defined separate parts (slides) that are easy to re-use in a new presentation, if you have the right tool...
This is why we've created Slide Executive xPoint.

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Slide Library On Demand

Slide Executive creates a centralized library from current company presentation material. End users use the unique xPoint addin to access the slide library from PowerPoint. This gives them access to powerful search and insert of slides functionality and easy browsing of their company slides/presentations. Management can choose what material should be accessible in the library and track which slides/presentations are used by what users.
The end user works faster increasing the use of pre-approved slides. The company gets consistent design and message to their presentations.

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Personal presentation management

Slide Executive xPoint installs as a ribbon in PowerPoint® creating a local slide library. Search your hundreds or thousands of slides in a split second. The desktop slide search and slide managing tools xPoint provides can save hours of time each day.

Search for and insert slides from existing presentations
Integrates into PowerPoint® 2007/2010
Includes free web image search
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